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Chubby blonde has a job interview with a black libertine

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The inevitable happened. A chubby blonde goes for a job interview in a company where the recruiter is a rather handsome and muscular black guy. She immediately felt that he was a libertine and he a libertine. They agreed to an improvised sex plan as an interview. She walks around the office and kneels to discover the recruiter's huge cock. She is not surprised, because she is used to this kind of thing and especially guys with big cocks. She plays indifferent and swallows his cock like a greedy. She does a little striptease for him before getting down on the desk with her thighs spread to have the folds of her pussy licked. She is now ready to get fucked by her new boss. It remains to be seen if after having unloaded in his mouth, he will choose the pretty blonde as a member of his team.