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He buggers his wife on the edge of the bathtub and gives her a facial

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If that is not a happy couple! The guy is getting ready in the bathroom when his wife comes out of the shower. She throws herself on his cock to give him a good blowjob. The guy knows he's gonna be late, but that's okay. He presumes he will be able to stick his cock deep in his wife's little hole, which is visibly hot. He installs her on the edge of the tub and makes her spread her thighs to lick her. Her wet runs between her lips and into her mouth. He can no longer hold and press his wife against the wall and spread her buttocks to penetrate her. They're going to have an acrobatic fuck in the tub and that's when he's going to put his big cock in her ass. After a shower of abundant sperm, I think they will have to wash for good!