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THE FINALE: The cute blonde goes to her girlfriend, as she is worried from the phone call she just got. When she gets there, she sees what she thinks is her girlfriend's fuck buddy dressed as a ghost under a white sheet. When in fact it is Michael Myers. The naughty babe starts by watching his dick first and then sucks on that hard rod. She then sits reversed cowgirl style on his dick and starts to pump it. She moves to some doggy style fucking and gets fucked like a whore before getting a good dose of spunk on her face. She turns over and then tells the dude that she had quite a good time… But the dude is already gone. She then goes up the stairs and right away makes some macabre discoveries, as she sees her girlfriends and her friends… She wants to leave running, but unfortunately for her, the psychopath is waiting for her. She succeeds running to her house but Michael is very resourceful… We watch a real fight. The girls takes the knife away from Michael and sticks it in his throat. She thinks the ordeal over but guess what? The mad man comes back at her, but at this precise moment the sheriff shows up and shoots the mother fucker! Michael falls from the second floor after getting shot 3 to 4 times. But when the pair checks on the crazed guy, he is gone...