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Number of scenes: 11

Tits: large
Hair colour: brunette
Eyes: brown

Measurements : 85D-62-90
Height: 157cm

Origin: Americaine / Italienne / Puerto Ricaine

Ethnic group: Latina

Charley Chase

Charley Chase

3 black dicks for one woman: it rips a max!

Description: Some women are said to be hungry, but she is really out of competition. This afternoon, after sunbathing on the terrace, she receives the visit of three horny blacks and heavily hung. She will be alone to satisfy the fantasies and desires of these three men spoiled by nature who want their holes. She will always have a hole taken and it seems to give him satisfaction. Click here to read more...

Casting: Charley Chase

Length : 47:30 min | Placed on line : 16 April 2018

Pretty brunette makes squirt in full fuck with her guy

Description: A very pretty brunette fucks with her guy who loves his ability to squirter. He begins by getting sucked his cock before plunging three fingers at the bottom of the girl's tight little pussy. After only a few movements, it receives powerful jets of cum that flood it and excite it even more. Click here to read more...

Casting: Charley Chase

Length : 31:34 min | Placed on line : 4 October 2017

He fucks the wife of his neighbor ...

Description: This man is truly perverse and known as such in the neighborhood. All the guys are afraid to go to work and he comes home to screw their women. This is exactly what is going to happen today since this pervert neighbor will come and take care of the wife of his immediate neighbor. It is a beautiful brunette with big natural boobs and pubic perfectly cut. Click here to read more...

Casting: Charley Chase

Length : 26:36 min | Placed on line : 4 March 2015

Black bitch fucked by brunette

Description: Because of a gun pointed at him, the black businessman has no choice to surrender to custody at the women's trap. This sexy blonde brunette and his accomplice have ideas very dirty behind the head! This is the brunette who has the privilege of kissing. Without asking her opinion, she fiddles with his penis through his shorts before his booze tail. Click here to read more...

Casting: Charley Chase

Length : 26:39 min | Placed on line : 26 September 2011

Bisexual orgy interracial brown

Description: Gouin and adoring to rub against each other in having the oiled tits, two brunettes in lingerie have a rendezvous with well-hung black guys for an orgy interracial. Experienced and very hot, bisexual sex begin this meeting by providing pipe and tit their black lover. Expecting an apotheosis of strokes cock in her mouth and pussy, the sluts are not disappointed by the ardor of Fucksters. Click here to read more...

Casting: Charley Chase, Bailey Brooks

Length : 25:09 min | Placed on line : 26 April 2011

19 years and quite swollen!

Description: 19 years and quite swollen! Did not you want to dip your head in these two huge wheels ready to fluff in the second? More difficult to bitch that this pretty brunette of 19, with studs and piercings in her tattoo above the slot. It feels so much sex that her lover, without saying a word, goes straight to her and penetrates without any preliminary. Click here to read more...

Casting: Charley Chase

Length : 24:06 min | Placed on line : 27 January 2011

This racing car is there to empty your balls

Description: She has no other purpose than to be a beautiful videuse balls. And she has put his own . Once you see the body of a bitch to walk towards you, your tail can only stand and prepare for the attack. Even without doing anything, without stirring, this brunette with plump body could enjoy us . Click here to read more...

Casting: Charley Chase

Length : 27:52 min | Placed on line : 9 December 2010

The bomba is expensive, very expensive!

Description: It's a real poison this chick! It would make any guy crazy with her body and her face stamped fever . His curly black hair, her eyes feverish, his huge chest: while it pushes us to vice. She shows us her little lingerie set, but it only looks its forms, soft curves and she knows it! Click here to read more...

Casting: Charley Chase

Length : 26:55 min | Placed on line : 25 July 2010

Fliquette removed as a vulgar slut

Description: Do not rely on his cap and his police uniform: brown this is a bomb ready to do anything to blow himself up. His body bitch is untenable: look at me this big fat ass soft tits these huge horny . Click here to read more...

Casting: Charley Chase

Length : 23:56 min | Placed on line : 10 February 2010

A brunette vicious, but so good!

Description: Then she wriggles into the garden, a brunette of Asian descent, very vicious and provocative, but in a breathtaking sensuality, seeks to capture a prey that approaches in order to get laid. She wears a plunging neckline and a slim skirt and silky that opens sandstone breeze seeping down her thighs. She has long black hair and a look to cure all the tails. Click here to read more...

Casting: Charley Chase

Length : 22:34 min | Placed on line : 12 October 2009

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